Terminator In-Fluence Single Volume Single Tone System with a 5-Way Selector Switch for HSH (SVST-HSHF)

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The Terminator In-Fluence Single Volume Single Tone System with 5-Way Selector Switch for Humbucker - Single - Humbucker (SVST-HSHF) is specially designed for instruments with Two active Humbucker pickups and a active middle (SSA) pickup that have voicing and coil splitting capabilities utilizing one volume control and one tone control.    

When installed following the instructions provided, the switch positions will be as follows:  

Position 1 - Bridge Pickup Full Humbucker 
Position 2 - Bridge Pickup Split & Middle Pickup 
Position 3 - Middle Pickup 
Position 4 - Neck Pickup Split & Middle Pickup
Position 5 - Neck Pickup Full Humbucker

System includes: 

  • One Terminator "Goes 2/11 Volume" 25K Pot
  • One Terminator Push/Pull 25K Pot for Voicing or Coil Splitting
  • Mad Hatter Active Switchcraft Output Jack
  • Terminator HSHF 5-Way Super Switch
  • 9V Battery Clip
  • One .22uF Tone Capacitor
  • Wiring Instructions

Click Here for SVST-HSHF Wiring Diagram

System has the option of a standard Switchcraft Output Jack or the longer Switchcraft Barrel Output Jack typically found on many Ibanez instruments. Select the option that best fits for needs from the drop down menu.

*This System does require soldering leads to the humbucker pickups.*

**The Middle Pickup must be a Fishman SSA Model.**

***The 25K Pots require a 3/8" clearance hole.  Instruments manufactured outside of the USA will most likely require a slight enlargement of the mounting hole.***  

***This system requires 1.5" of clearance within in the control cavity for the switch.  May not fit in some guitars.***

California Prop 65 Warning:  This product contains a chemical(s) know to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.