Terminator Lefty

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Terminator Lefty is for our left handed customers looking to bring the best out of their left handed instrument.  Terminator Lefty Systems are built using the best CTS Audio and Linear Pots available.  To order a Terminator Lefty system please follow the following steps:   

  1. Choose your desired Terminator System and its options and add to cart
  2. Return to this page and choose the value of your pots.  Please note Yin-Yang P/P pots are only available in 500k and Push/Pull.  
  3. Choose your bushing length. The Short bushing length is 3/8" long and will fit in most instruments with no issues.  The Long bushing length is 3/4" long and recommended for thick carved top guitars such as Gibson Les Pauls.  
  4. Click "Add to Cart" and check out.   

***The CTS Linear Pots are full size 24mm diameter pots with 3/8" diameter bushings.  Most instruments manufactured outside of the USA will require the mounting hole to be slightly enlarged for installation.  Since Terminator Lefty uses single value pots, Synchronized Operation is not available.  

**When ordering multiply Terminator Systems be sure to indicate in the memo section which Terminator system applies to each Terminator Lefty.

*Not available for Active and Transformer Systems.  Synchronized Operation is also not available with Lefty Systems.