Terminator - Mid-Boost 5S

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The Mad Hatter Terminator - Mid-Boost 5S is a Terminator version of the mid-boost pre-amp found in the Clapton model Strats:

  • Fender™ Mid-Boost Pre-Amp
  • One Terminator 50k Volume Pot
  • One Terminator Mid-Boost Pot
  • One Terminator Killer Tone Pot
  • Mad Hatter Switchcraft Output Jack 
  • Terminator 5S CRL 5-Way Selector Switch
  • Two Tone Capacitors to help find the right tone  
  • Wiring Instructions

Click here for Wiring Diagram for Mid-Boost-5S 

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***Both Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and Eric Clapton are registered trademarks.  Furthermore, neither Fender or Eric Clapton endorse or use this product.***   

California Prop 65 Warning:  This product contains a chemical(s) know to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.