Transformer Series

The Transformer Series is a collection of carefully engineered Terminator systems designed to Transform your guitar from its present state to another without compromising the original characterizers of the instrument.

Each Terminator system in the Transformer Series is equipped with a specialty designed P/P Tone Pot specific to the system.  When the P/P Tone Pot is NOT engaged the guitar will have the traditional operation as expected. Engaging the P/P Tone Pot Transforms the guitar with new pickup combinations and sounds to expand the guitar’s capabilities beyond expectations!

Each system in the Transformer Series is designated with a fraction.  The first being the number of pickup coils and the second the number of pickups: 

5/3 - Humbucker - Single - Humbucker

4/3 - Humbucker - Single - Single

3/3 - Single - Single - Single

4/2 - Humbucker - Humbucker (3-Way Toggle)

4/25 - Humbucker - Humbucker (5-Way Selector)

2/2 - Single - Single 

2/1 - Humbucker

Terminator - TEN, The Ultimate for HSH Pickup Combinations.  

Demo Videos are available in each product page.  Choose your system today and Hear What Your Guitar is Missing!