Helpful Installation Tips

Beware of tight fitting knobs! Pushing a tight fitting knob onto your new Mad Hatter CTS Universal Pots will damage them!

If your instrument was manufactured in Asia you will most likely need to enlarge the inside diameter of your knob.

To enlarge the diameter simply use a 7/32” drill bit and by hand enlarge the opening of your knob.  

See our video demonstration:  

Tight Fitting Guitar Knobs 

When attaching Set Screw Knobs to our CTS Universal Dual Value Pots always place the screw over the gap on the shaft and screw in the gap.  


Installation Tips:


  • Watch our demo videos!!!
  • Whenever possible, install the Goes to Eleven Volume Pots and Killer Tone Pots to the guitar with the solder lugs facing away from the terminal board location and side of control cavity
  • Mount CRL Selector Switches with the spring facing down
  • Mount OakGrisby Selector Switches with the metal plate facing down 
  • Use the "Little Ass Screwdriver" provided with the Kit when connecting wires to the terminal. If you use your own screwdriver the blade width must be 2mm to avoid damage to the terminal 
  • When connecting wires to the terminals twist the wire ends to avoid stray wires from touching other terminal lugs
  • Connect no more than three wires to a terminal lug
  • Visual look for stray wires once wires are connected to the terminal 
  • Once connected to the terminals, pull on the wires to ensure they are connected and will not come loose
  • First connect all pickup and single wires prior to plugging in pots and switches
  • Route excess wires within the control cavity away from the terminal board for optimal space
  • Retighten all connections prior to closing control cavity
  • Use Kit packaging foam in cavity to fill voids and eliminate movement within the control cavity


Helpful Tips:

  • When removing plates and pickups from your guitar hold the tip of your screwdrivers to avoid slippage and damage to the instrument
  • Place screws in a small glass or container away from your guitar
  • Use masking tape to hold your bridge and stoptail piece in place by taping together during string removal. 
  • Place a support block under a floating tremolo bridge for easer setup upon restringing
  • Always avoid working directly over your instrument, such as attaching a pickup to a pickup ring
  • Never pry. Always pull while wiggling slightly
  • Never force on tight knobs!!!  You will damage the pot!  See our video on how to make your knob fit properly
  • Unsure about what to do? Check out one of our videos and/or contact us at


Pickup Test on a Fender Stratocaster