Mad Hatter Reviews

We love reviews!  Tell us what you think!  Here's a few others have sent:

"Hey Ed, it's been 3 months with my Mad Hatter Strat. I have received so many compliments on it every time i play out another guitarist approaches me talking about my tone. Every time i mention Mad Hatter. Just wanted to touch base and say thanks again for making these great pots."


"I've been playing guitar for over 30 years and I've never had the guts to swap out electronics myself until I saw your products. It could not have been easier to do and except for a couple of minor rookie mistakes everything went great. My PRS is now loaded with your products and a Seymour Duncan Pegasus in the bridge and a 59 in the neck. I will be a repeat customer for sure."


"Literally just got mine in the mail yesterday!  Extremely happy with it! Super easy to install and my guitar sounded better than ever!  Planning to install one on every guitar I have : )" 


"Hi, So I just finished my installation.  It came out perfectly the first time! My charvel sounds like a million bucks. It was so satisfying to be able to do it all myself. With your support of course. The pickup jumping works great. You were spot on. Even my non musical wife noticed the improved tone. So clean and strong. And it was already good before. I love your products and they are revolutionary and I hope you enjoy much success. I will certainly recommend them to everyone that I talk electric guitars with. Appreciate you promptly answering my questions.  I am a very happy customer.  Thanks so much brother and ROCK ON!"


“...the guitar sounds FANTASTIC, the Mad Hatter Ying & Yang push pull pot still allows me to get a classic single coil Tele sound AND an amazing humbucker option in the bridge from my new BC2/DP226 pickup, resulting in some very aggressive and ferocious modern tones.  Many many thanks to Electric Ed for FANTASTIC SERVICE and knowledge in getting to the finished result. I'm a very satisfied and happy customer!”


 “This Ibanez RGT42 started as a pewter-colored, poly-coated stock guitar...poly finish was sanded off, Ducan pickups added, along with the Mad Hatter SVST-IBZ 5-way switching, it kicks ass! Installed the Mad Hatter kit myself, with no issues or soldering! Awesome product!”


“I put it together and it was a fun learning experience that I would recommend to anyone. The tones I'm getting are so dynamic and sweet sounding...” Got the whole day to fool aroud with her and Band practice tonight will be fun... I'm impressed Thanks Ed!”


"I always wanted to jumper my pups...what a difference in tone I truly love what it can do Practice tonight was sweet Thanks Ed"


”Just installed the mad hatter 2 volume‬ 1 tone set up. It was easy and guitar sounds great.‬”


"Finally got it installed last night...sounds awesome!...Thanks again for taking care of this for me, awesome customer service!"


“Wow, thanks a lot, Ed.  I love this about being a gear-centric musician.  Finding guys like you to help me in my quest for tone and versatility that are just awesome guys.  Thanks a ton, and for the video…it was really helpful.”


“If you are playing an instrument that costs less than $500-$1000 you probably need this kit,” I have used one of these on 4 different instruments now. My cheap Ibanez 5 string bass, an epiphone les paul standard, a fender 70's reissue Stratocaster, and an older squire P-bass. “The difference in tone was night and day on all 4 instruments. It was noticeable to my friends that aren't musicians, to me and my band mates it was a revolution.” On top of that you can set up your pots with either 500 hz or250 hz and interchange with your choice of capacitors (or use the excellent film capacitors that they supply) for an incredibly wide tonal palette. For a simple P bass in was less than $75.00 and for the les paul it was less than $150 and made a bigger difference in tone than upgrading to some top end aftermarket pickups. “The value, ease of installation, and quality are off the charts.” To top it all off when “I contacted Mad Hatter with a couple of questions about my Ibanez bass they responded immediately and were professional and informative. I can't say enough good things about these products.”


“Excellent Product! Amazing the improvement in tone. Easy installation. Great customer service. Highly recommended!”


"I have a custom version of one of these, Red Special circuit, and it's impressive what they're able to squeeze into such a small package. Haven't installed it yet, but looking forward to hearing it in my baritone guitar project. But the whole idea that Ed and I were able to have a great conversation and he came up with the custom setup is awesome."


"I recently installed the DVDT-3T into my vintage 70's Ibanez LP copy, aka lawsuit guitar. I think the product is great. I was thinking of upgrading my pickups, but after installing the Terminator, I have changed my mind. The Terminator warmed up the tones nicely and offers all the flexibility I need. Nice job Mad Hatter. Keep innovating."


“Love the flexibility and options this creates. All the parts seem to be very high quality, and the connections are solid.”


"Awesome product. Super fast shipping. Great seller! A+++++"


“I had the Mad Hatter Solderless System installed in my tele. I absolutely love the differenceit made! It made a huge difference in my back pickup. I’m really stocked on the change it made in my overall tone and can’t wait to play it more.”


"Yeah, I know I just shared about these guys. Doesn't matter, rarely do I find a company like this. They are passionately customer focused."


"I was trying to get the custom rig they put together for me, at no extra cost, working and the owner personally helped me troubleshoot the issue over the course of several days. You can't find service like that anymore, except with people like the ones at ‪#‎MadHatterGuitarProducts‬."


"If you're a Christian, a guitar player, know a guitar player, or just love awesome businesses like this; consider giving them your business. You won't be disappointed, and you'll end up ‪#‎GoneMadHatter‬ like me... P.S. - I'm only affiliated with the company as a VERY satisfied, and now devoted, customer. There are no kick backs or discounts happening here, just someone who wants to spread the word about a great company."


"Some people are too kind. Thanks, Electric Ed for your hard work. I played the guitar through a nice tweed amp last night and it sounded incredible. Guitar friends, check out Mad Hatter Guitar Products for some really cool, high quality guitar circuitry components! My Jem has never sounded better!"


"...the new killswitch I installed from Mad Hatter Guitar Products is Far Superior to that from AllParts. It has a Secure feeling functionality, instead of that loose red button which AllParts tries to pass as a killswitch."


"Everything is WOW AWESOME!!"


"The guitar sounds like a "JEM" if I can coin the word. The tone rocks and the Ibanez Screams."


"Thank You for the Great System and for all your help and patience!"


"Now I am seriously considering in a couple of months buying a system for my Gibson Les Paul or the Epiphone Les Paul."


"Just finished installing my DVDT- C3 system in my Gibson SG. It sounds great! Thanks for such a great product for those of us who don't solder that well? I'll definitely shop again with you."