Terminator - FLO

$ 119.99

The Terminator FLO Kit is the same system installed in Steve Vai's legendary guitars FLO & FLO III.  The Terminator FLO Kit is designed to integrate with the Fernandes Sustainer system.  Like the EVO Kit, the Terminator FLO system also includes the Terminator 500k "Goes 2/11 Yin-Yang Push/Pull Volume" Pot.  When the volume pot is engaged a .0033uF ceramic tone cap for a subtle cut in the lower bass frequencies.  

When installed following the instructions provided, the switch positions will be as follows:

Position 1 - Bridge Pickup Full Humbucker
Position 2 - Bridge Pickup Coil Split & Middle Pickup 
Position 3 - Middle Pickup 
Position 4 - Neck Pickup & Middle Pickup
Position 5 - Neck Pickup 

This Kit includes:

  • One Terminator 500k "Goes 2/11" Yin-Yang Push/Pull Volume Pot
  • One Terminator "Killer Tone" Pot
  • Mad Hatter Switchcraft Output Jack
  • Terminator OakGrisby 5-Way Super Selector Switch
  • Two Tone Capacitors, a .022uF for the tone control and a .0033uF for the "Goes 2/11" Yin-Yang Push/Pull Volume Pot.  
  • Wiring Instructions 


Here's the story of the installation of the Mad Hatter Terminator system installed on EVO as told by Anthony Garone of Make Weird Music.  Be sure to check out makeweirdmusic.com for great guitar and weird music related content including interviews with Mad Hatter Guitar Products founder Ed Heisler and of course the legendary Steve Vai.  


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