Terminator - 5SB Pickguard Assembly with Fralin Split Blade Pickup Set

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This Pickguard Assembly features the SVST-5SB System and Fralin Split Blade Pickups in aged white.  The Tone Cap is a Poly Film .047uF Nichicon Cap. The 5SB System features a blend pot that brings the bridge and neck pickups together for endless tonal capabilities in all five positions.  

The bridge pickup is the Super High Output.  We have the Vintage Output in the middle and neck positions.  We love this combination of these great sounding pickups.  It's all installed and ready to drop into your Strat. 

With this bundle we've discounted the Terminator - 5SB System by $42.00.  Furthermore, it's been wired by Electric Ed at no additional cost!   This is an $80 value.  This provides a total savings of $122.00! 

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*This assembly is shipped with a standard output jack.  However, it can be upgraded with a barrel output jack.  Just choose the option from the dropdown menu.*

**Mounting holes on this pickguard may not line up perfectly with your guitar and may require some modification.**