Dual Volume Single Tone Bass Kit (DVST-PJ)

$ 74.99

Kit: Dual Volume Single Tone Bass Kit

The Mad Hatter Solderless Tone Shaping System Dual Volume Single Tone Bass Kit (DVST-PJ) is a Complete Kit specially designed for Bass Guitars with two pickups utilizing two volume controls and one tone control. This Kit includes:

  • Dual Volume Terminal Switching Board
  • Two Mad Hatter "Goes 2/11 Volume" Pots
  • One Mad Hatter "Killer Tone" Pot
  • Mad Hatter Switchcraft Output Jack
  • Two Film Tone Capacitors, a .022uF and a .047uF.  

***Will not work on some Fender Jazz Bass models due to lack of space within the control cavity.  Wood removal would be required.  Please inquire prior to ordering***

See our Video Demos and Wiring Instructions & References for wiring details