Terminator - Dual Volume Single Tone Basic Kit (DVST-B)

$ 69.99

The Mad Hatter Terminator Dual Volume Single Tone Basic Kit (DVST-B) is specially designed for instruments with two pickups utilizing two volume controls and one tone controls. This Kit includes:

  • Two Terminator "Goes 2/11 Volume" Pots
  • One Terminator "Killer Tone" Pot
  • Two Film Tone Capacitors, a .022uF and a .047uF.  
  • Wiring Instructions

The Kit can also be customized with Terminator "Yin-Yang" Push/Pull Pots.  Select the option that fits your needs best from the drop down menu.  For Les Paul's and similar carved top instruments with deep control cavities be sure to choose the "Long Shaft" variant.  The Terminator "Yin-Yang" Push/Pull Pot does require a 3/8" clearance hole. Instruments manufactured outside of the USA will most likely require a slight enlargement of the mounting hole.