Terminator - Single Volume Single Tone Bass Kit With Blend Pot (SVST-PJB)

$ 79.99

The Terminator Single Volume Single Tone Bass Kit With Blend Pot (SVST-PJB) is a Complete Kit specially designed for Bass Guitars with two pickups utilizing a single volume control, a single tone control and a blend pot. This Kit includes:

  • One Terminator "Goes 2/11 Volume" Pot
  • One Terminator "Killer Tone" Pot
  • One Terminator Blend Pot
  • Mad Hatter Switchcraft Output Jack
  • Two Film Tone Capacitors, a .022uF and a .047uF to help find just the right tone.  
  • Wiring Instructions for both Traditional and Synchronized Operation

***Blend Pot requires a 3/8" diameter mounting hole. Hole enlargement may be required on some instruments.***