Mad Hatter Solderless Tone Shaping System Kits

The Mad Hatter Solderless Tone Shaping System offers guitarist the ability to easily and quickly change pickups and tone capacitors with a simple screwdriver provided with each kit. With the flip of a switch the values of each Specially Designed Universal CTS "Goes 2/11 Volume" and "Killer Tone" Potentiometers can be changed from 500k, for a brighter tone response, to 250k, for a warmer tone response, and vise versa offering guitarist greater success in achieving the best tone they seek from their instrument.

Each kit is user friendly and designed to be easily installed. With just a pair of wire stripers, a nut driver, and the screwdriver provided, installation can be completed within minutes. Easy to read illustrations are provided and step-by-step demo videos are recommended for first time users. See the installation videos on our Video Demos page.

We offer Three different Collections of Kits to meet your needs.  Our Complete Kits give you everything needed from your pickups to the output jack.  The Basic Kits allows you to use your existing selector/toggle switch and output jack to meet your specific needs.  Our Bass Kits provide Complete Kits for those making the Thunder!  Choose the Kit that Best Meets Your Needs Today! 

This System is being phased out with the arrival of the Mad Hatter Guitar Products Terminator system.  Although we have sold out of our Mad Hatter Solderless Tone Shaping System Single Volume Kits, we still have a small supply of our Dual Volume Kits in stock and ready to ship.  We also full stock of the related accessories for those looking to add to their existing Kits.