Goes to Eleven Volume Pot Test

We believe our Proprietary CTS Dual Value Pots are the Best!  Made to our specifications our Goes to Eleven Volume and Killer Tone Pots offer you the option to choose between 250k, 500k and 750k.  

Furthermore, you can wire for Synchronized Operation with one pickup wired to the 500k side and the other pickup(s) to the 250k side.  

Best of all is what you Hear!  Improved note clarity that’s not muddy or muffled sounding. Definitive note definition that improves playing and inspires. And a Roll Off you can only find with a high quality pot that’ll take you dirty signal to clean as you roll down the volume with little change in volume and treble highs remain  

The wave files below demonstrate the difference.  Using the same guitar, pickup, setup, etc... a recording was done before and after the installation of the Terminator System.  Visually you can see the difference.  

The waves samples on the left demonstrate how the stock volume pot reacted as it was rolled down to the level indicated below each wave sample.  As you can see there is very little change which typically results in the tone becoming muddy and compromising note clarity.  Many will compensate by adding a treble bleed circuit. However, this will not always improve note clarity.  

The wave samples on the right are after the installation of the Terminator System.  The Roll Off is consistent maintaining note clarity and not becoming muddy sounding.  Furthermore, the Roll Off will take your overdriven signal to a clean tone as you should expect from a great pot.  

As you can see the best upgrade for your Axe is the Terminator System. Simply changing your pickups will not change how your volume pot reacts.  However, upgrading your instrument with the Terminator System will improve how your pickups sound.  

Find your Terminator System today and Hear What Your Guitar is Missing!