PRS 58/15LT Set (Limited!)

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Available in limited quantities for the 2022 holiday season!

PRS 58/15 LT (“low turn”) pickups are vintage-inspired pickups with exceptional clarity. Designed to capture the sweetness of vintage single coils and the warmth of late 1950’s humbuckers, these pickups are lively and open with focused midrange and balanced treble and bass.

PRS 58/15 LT pickups are spec’d with 4-conductor wire that is designed to
work with all PRS electronics configurations and have been fine-tuned via
our TCI process. “TCI stands for tuned capacitance and inductance and
represents a more refined ability to tune those factors to get the result we
want. To our ears, the results are very musical. We are very proud of how
far we’ve come in the understanding and making of pickups. It’s been a fun
process,” said Paul Reed Smith.

Type - Covered (etched)
Magnet - Alnico 2
DC Res - 7.2k Treble / 7.1k Bass

*Note on wiring:
The 4-conductor wire used on PRS 85/15’s has the same functionality as the 5-conductor wire used on 58/15 LT’s. The only difference between the two is the chassis ground wire. The 4-conductor design uses the shielding of the hot wire as the ground. The 5-conductor design uses an orange wire as the chassis ground.

Sold in sets, only 1150 sets available worldwide via the PRS online store (150 sets)
and Authorized PRS Dealers (1000 sets)