Terminator - EVO Pickguard Assembly with DiMarzio Evolution Pickup Set White/Gold

Regular price $3,647.00

This Pickguard Assembly features the Terminator - EVO System and DiMarzio Evolution Pickups in White with Gold Poles. Including the Middle Pickup!  This System also includes our Easy to Pull CTS P/P Pot.  

It's all installed by Electric Ed and ready to drop into your Ibanez JEM or RG model.  

With this bundle we've discounted the Terminator - EVO System by $39.60.  Furthermore, the installation by Electric Ed is at no additional cost!   This is an $80 value.  This provides a total savings of $119.60! 

Looking for something similar, but different?  Hit us up at info@madhatterguitarproducts.com and we'll make it happen!  

*This assembly is shipped with a barrel output jack.  However, it can be shipped with a standard output jack.  Just let us know upon checkout.*

**Mounting holes on this pickguard may not line up perfectly with your guitar and may require some modification.** 

California Prop 65 Warning:  This product contains a chemical(s) know to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.