Terminator 5/3 Modified - Single Volume Dual Tone System with a 5-Way Selector Switch for HSH (SVDT-5/3M)

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The Terminator 5/3 Modified Single Volume Dual Tone System with 5-Way Selector Switch for Humbucker - Single - Humbucker (SVDT-5/3M) is a Modified version of the 5/3 system where position three on the 5-Way Selector Switch is now both the Bridge and Neck pickups together instead of the traditional middle pickup by itself.  

As part of the Transformer Series, the SVDT-5/3M is specifically designed for instruments with two humbucker pickups with coil splitting options in the bridge and neck positions, and a single coil in the middle position.  This instrument would utilize a single volume control and a dual tone controls.    

The Terminator 5/3 Modified provides the best of both worlds!  In standard operation it's a Humbucker - Single - Humbucker with the Goes to Eleven Volume Pot at the 500k value.  When you pull on the 5/3 Yin-Yang P/P Tone Pot both humbucker split to single coils and the Goes to Eleven Volume Pot changes to the 250k value providing a true Single - Single - Single guitar.   

System includes:

  • One Terminator "Goes 2/11 Volume" Pot
  • One Terminator "Killer Tone" Pot
  • One Terminator 5/3 Yin-Yang P/P Pot 
  • Mad Hatter Switchcraft Output Jack
  • Terminator 5/3 CRL 5-Way Selector Switch
  • Two Film Tone Capacitors, a .022uF and a .047uF to help find just the right tone.  
  • Wiring Instructions 

The Terminator 5/3 "Yin-Yang" P/P comes standard as a Push/Pull Pot.  It is also available in a Push/Push option.  Both require a 3/8" clearance mounting hole.

The Terminator 5/3 Selector Switch and "Yin-Yang P/P Tone Pot is specific to the 5/3 system and can not be interchanged with other systems.

***This system requires 1.5" of clearance within in the control cavity for the switch.  May not fit in some guitars.*** 

California Prop 65 Warning:  This product contains a chemical(s) know to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.