Luminator 4/3

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The Luminator 4/3 System is based off our popular Terminator 4/3 System.  The 4/3 System brings the most out of your HSS equipped guitar.  This System is specifically designed for instruments with one humbucker, with coil splitting capabilities, and two single coil pickups utilizing a single volume control and a single tone control.

However, with the Luminator 4/3 System we not only have the same functions as the standard 4/3 System, but we can also change the value of the Goes to Eleven Volume Pot from 500k to 250k.   

With the Luminator Touch Capacitance Switch in standard mode (Blue) the Goes to Eleven Volume Pot is at 250k and the 5-Way Selector Switch will provide all the pickup selections you would expect.  

Now touch the Luminator Touch Capacitance Switch to engage Transformed mode (Red) the Goes to Eleven Volume Pot will now change to 500k and the 5-Way Selector Switch will have the follow pickup combinations:

  1. Bridge pickup only, same as in standard mode but at 500k value on volume pot 
  2. Bridge pickup split, for a thin bright tone
  3. Bridge with Middle and Neck pickups in series, this position sounds similar to two humbucker pickups 
  4. Bridge & Neck pickups in parallel, simular to the tele twang with more meat
  5. Middle & Neck pickups in series, sounds similar to a neck position humbucker 

Having the pickups in Series provides a warmer tone similar to a humbucker.  This provides thicker fuller rhythm and lead tones to inspire your playing and take your playing to another level.  Having the Goes to Eleven Volume Pot change to 500k in Transformed mode will keep the single coils sounding great when they are in series.  

System includes:

  • Luminator System with Touch Capacitance Switch and Switch Board
  • One Terminator "Goes 2/11 Volume" Pot
  • One Terminator "Killer Tone" Pot
  • Mad Hatter Switchcraft Output Jack
  • Terminator 4/3 5-Way Super Selector Switch
  • Two Polypropylene Tone Capacitors, a .022uF and a .047uF to help find just the right tone.  
  • Wiring Instructions 

*The Luminator Touch Capacitance Switch requires a 5/8" hole for mounting into the guitar, 9VDC power source, and room for the Luminator Switch/Terminal Board that measures 1 5/16" (8mm) x 1" (25.5mm) x 9/16" (14.3mm)*

**The Luminator Touch Capacitance Switch can create a auditable pop that may be heard when not playing.  See video demos for more information.**

***This system requires 1.5" of clearance within in the control cavity for the switch.  May not fit in some guitars.***  

Luminator 4/3 Product Manual

California Prop 65 Warning:  This product contains a chemical(s) know to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.



Terminator 4/3 Video Demos.