Installation by Electric Ed

Regular price €74,95

Electric Ed has installed the Terminator system in some of the most recognized guitars in the world for some of the biggest artist.  Now he can install in yours. 

Purchase your Terminator system and the Installation Type.  Then send us your pickguard or guitar.  Electric Ed will install your Terminator system.    

Here's the easy to read fine print:

  • Pickguard or Guitar must include pickups unless purchased at MHGP.

  • Installation cost is for Terminator system only.  Incorporating additional components will be extra.

  • If purchasing a FLO Terminator system, the sustainer unit must already be installed.

  • Installation does not include guitar setup

  • When sending a guitar, replacement strings must be provided  

  • The Pickguard or Guitar must be well packaged for shipment.  The same packaging will be use for return shipment.

  • Return shipping cost will be calculated and invoiced before return shipping. Any prepaid shipping cost related to the purchase of a product will be credited to the return shipping cost.  

  • Return shipping cost will be fully insured.  

  • Mad Hatter Guitar Products will not be responsible for loss or damage that may occur during shipping

  • Shipping address will be provided at purchase

  • Turnaround is typically two weeks, but could be longer

Questions please email to