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Terminator - 5/3 Pickguard Assembly with Fralin Pickup Set

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This Pickguard Assembly features the Terminator 5/3 System and Fralin Pickups.  The Zebra Bridge and Neck Pickups are our Super Shredder Humbuckers custom wound by Lindy Fralin to our specifications.  The Middle pickup is a Fralin Vintage Hot.  It's reverse wound for hum cancelling in position 2 & 4. The Tone Cap is a .022uF mustard cap

For an extra upgrade, instead of a P/P Pot, we added a mini toggle switch for easy switching from Humbucker to Strat mode.   

With the versatility of the 5/3 System, the Amazing sounding Fralin Pickups, and the beautiful Aged Pearliod pickguard, this is the perfect upgrade for your Strat!  

With this bundle we've discounted the Terminator - 5/3 System by $48.00.  Furthermore, it's been wired by Electric Ed at no additional cost!   This is an $80 value.  This provides a total savings of $128.00! 

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*This assembly is shipped with a standard output jack.  However, it can be upgraded with a barrel output jack.  Just choose the option from the dropdown menu.*

**Mounting holes on this pickguard may not line up perfectly with your guitar and may require some modification.**