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Mad Hatter Super Shredder Humbucker Pickups

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Mad Hatter Guitar Products has teamed up with Fralin Pickups to produce what we believe is the best humbucker pickup set ever!  We call them the Mad Hatter Super Shredder Humbucker Pickups!

Mad Hatter Guitar Products founder Electric Ed has spent decades changing and testing a variety of pickups from all the major manufacturers to the boutique.   Working with professional artist, playing professionally in his own bands, and years with a choir and orchestra, Ed developed the following criteria for what the Mad Hatter Super Shredder Humbucker Pickups to meet:  

  • Note Clarity
  • Responsive
  • Focused Mids to sit perfectly in the mix and not be washed out by the other instruments
  • Split with no volume loss and sound like a true single coil
  • Double Screw Coils

Using the prized Fralin Unbucker as a base, we provided our specifications and the Mad Hatter Super Shredder pickup was born!  

Exclusively available only here at, the medium output Mad Hatter Super Shredder Pickup is available in Black, Zebra, & White, and your choice of screw color, Nickel, Black, or Gold.  The Black and Zebra pickups are available in Standard and Tremolo spacing.  White pickups are Tremolo spacing only.   

To ensure maximum clarity, the Mad Hatter Super Shredder pickups are equipped with three wire leads, Hot, Ground, and Split.  We also pre-solder the ground lead and shield together for easy termination on the Terminator system.  

Pair a Mad Hatter Super Shredder pickup set today with a Terminator System and Hear What Your Guitar is Missing!     

If your preferred color combination is not in stock, hit us up at  We'll get it ordered up!